Is High Sex Better Than Drunk Sex?

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    Is High Sex Better Than Drunk Sex? (click to read the article)

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    Cannasexual … learned a new term today. 😀

    I like a good beer or several, but it kills sex drive … as in ummm … an inability to maintain an “interest”. I call the affliction – Brewer’s Yeast Infection. LoL


    Herb increases sex drive and sensitivity, enhances your senses. Plus a good sativa gives you that mental high and focus. Green is hands-down the better choice.

    A bit of social lubricant in moderation can work for sex, but it’s a desensitizer. That can be good if you want more endurance, but like Enigma said, whisky dick is a thing.


    Dolly says she really really enjoys a good “pussy liquor”, and adds, they’re not that easily found. Hee hee.


    lol – that’s a good one “pussy liquor” mmm…now I’m thinking about licking some sweet tasting pussy! 🙂

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