so what happened ?????

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    The silence is deafening.


    Agreed. A week later and nothing posted on the HH website.
    Would have at least expected a quick note on the issue, even if the future is uncertain.


    Ooops … I understand fabebook notifications were made on the HH page … I don’t go there, and I’m sure others here don’t either. I received word by e-mail this weekend.

    The future is not “uncertain”. What is certain is, according to the guys, the landlord’s “maintenance” fees have steadily increased to the point it made no sense in going forward at the present location. There remained MANY maintenance issues which were NOT addressed, and looking like they never would be … IE: the washroom stench … moldy ceiling tiles, the “basement” odour from the dampness.

    The future? Stay in touch. Location search is going on … A brand new, rejuvenated Happy Headonist swing club coming soon.



    ^ lets go back to Meyerside (oh I know I know..pipe dream)


    You know, bumper … as an off premise couples and singles “pick-up bar” … would work PERFECTLY!
    We miss the old place. 😉


    Thank you for the update. We hope Brian is doing ok.


    We, like many other loyal patrons, will be looking forward to seeing the club re-open, wherever that might be. Hope to see you there !


    Hope to see yours there too lol (avatar) 😀


    That’s too bad it closed. Loved it was a nice friendly atmosphere. I wish it would reopen east of the 400, It always seemed silly that all the clubs were based so close together I would think the competition was terrible and in the east we have nothing. Come to Ajax, Pickering Whitby area and you would be welcomed.


    Those of us in Durham would welcome that with open…arms


    Sweet cheeks area would be wife and I miss it sooo much…hope its soon


    somewhere downtown toronto open during lunch hour would be FANTASTIC for me 😉

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