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    I’m very new to this lifestyle. I am 19 years old and want to attend the club by myself. If I can get some guidance or some kind of direction regarding; clothing, what to expect, advice or anything you think would be helpful to me. I would really appreciate it and hope to meet a lot of people


    HI (finally) 😉

    1) What to expect – Walking into the club is like walking into any other restaurant/bar type of environment. You will be greeted at the entrance by a congenial host who will most likely engage in a quick conversation. You could mention it’s your first visit to the club, that way I’m sure you’d get a quick tour of the downstairs (on-premise part of the club which gets going at midnight). The upper-level is where socializing takes place and it’s very much like any other social establishment (except for the adult movies playing on the screens. Too, you may see some touchy feely kind of dirty dancing on the dance floor.)

    2) What to wear – Visit the site before your visit and check out the “theme of the night” … it could be … wear something white, or see thru … or … check out the theme. You don’t have to dress to theme and if you choose not … just wear something sexy 😉

    3) Expect to have fun on your terms! If someone asks anything of you – No thank you ALWAYS means NO THANK YOU. Just let one of the folks you’ll be introduced to on your way in know in the very unlikely event someone does not respect your “No Thank you”.

    4) People are there to meet other, share a dance, a drink and to have FUN … beyond this kind of fun … is all up to you and what your mood may dictate.

    I’m certain you’ll have a blast! If there’s anything else … ask away! Hope to meet there some night soon.



    New to the site, and was wondering about a couple of things.
    What is the best night of the week to come to the club?
    What is the age range of the members?


    Hey I am new as well



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