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Full Swap Friday's

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 Sex Party

Happy Hedonist hosts a sex party each and every Friday and Saturday, we offer sex party for couples,  singles females and single males.  Each night is tailored for different purposes but though out for the desires and demands of our members.    Although we are a swingers club and the core of the lifestyle is predominantly couples and wife swapping the demand for a single male or female to join in on the fun is rising.  As a result we have opened our Friday night sex party to single males and females for those looking for something a little different.  Our lower level play area is where the real fun happen and has two distinct sections.  The first section is designated strictly for couples only and the other section is  for couples and singles, so if you are concerned about have singles dampen the mood between you and other couples you will not have to worry as we have an area for play designated for couples and singles.  Visit us both nights and see which sex party suits you most.

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