Swingers Memberships

To attend a Happy Hedonist event a membership is not required. The VIP membership is generally for guests who want to save some money and attend our events on a weekly basis. We are the only Lifestyle club that does not charge a one time membership fee to attend, so what every our door fee is is what you pay, no gimmicks.

Swingers Membership Costs for Couples? (Memberships are only available for Male / Female couples)

VIP Male/Female Couple One year is $400

VIP Swingers membership entitles the couple to FREE admission to all regular swingers events that are hosted on Friday and Saturday nights. Private Swingers Party’s and Special events are not included.

Why Should I Become a Member? What’s In It for Me?

Members save money. Regular memberships couples pay half price of the door fee for all events. (New Years Eve not included)

Members may be eligible to attend restricted events ahead of non-members.

We bring you a steady stream of new people.

Our website is free of charge and so is most of the content. This allows us to attract an awful lot of visitors. . .Your membership allows us to grow and develop the site so you get even more choice and more people to meet.

Swingers Memberships fees are subject to change without notice.